Maven Eclipse Checkstyle Properties

maven.eclipse.checkstyle.excludesNo Coma Separated list of folders to exclude. ex: "src/test, src/conf" would exclude everything under those two folders. Folders have to be relative to the project root and are implied wildcards (src/test implies src/test/**). [Default None]
maven.eclipse.checlstyle.exclude.non.sourceNoExcludes or not (true/false) non source folders. [Default true]
maven.eclipse.checlstyle.nameNoName of the checkstyle configuration generated. [Default Maven Generated Style]
maven.eclipse.checlstyle.descriptionNoDescription of the checkstyle configuration generated. [Default This style was generated by maven using the maven-eclipse-checkstyle plug-in]
maven.eclipse.checlstyle.cacheNoCache or not (true/false) localy the configuration file. This is usefull only if you use a configuration file (with maven.checkstyle.propertiesURL) located on a remote server. [Default false]
maven.eclipse.checkstyle.modify.projectNo Determine if this plugin should add the checkstyle nature and builder. Before activating this option, you should read this. Another work around is to copy the xalan jar into your maven installation dir under lib/endorsed. This is what i would recommend since it will fix the problem forever for you.[Default false]

Maven Checkstyle Properties Recognized

Some of the Maven Checkstyle plugin also control this plugin. Check the documentation for more details.